The banks want to keep you in debt. 


We want to free you from debt and we can make that happen for you.


Home loans are BIG business for the Banks and it’s in their interest to keep you enslaved to debt for the longest possible time. The methods they use to achieve this are well established and you don’t even know it’s happening. In fact, it’s so effective that many homeowners are carrying a home loan which has a remaining loan term that extends far beyond the original 30 years from the time they bought their home.


For example; it’s very common for someone who bought their home ten years ago to have a home loan today with a remaining loan term of 27 years…… let that sink in for a bit.

This is why nearly half of all homeowners aged 55-64 still have a home loan debt*. Many of those will carry that debt into their retirement or sacrifice a significant portion of their Superannuation savings to get rid of it…..sometimes all of it.

The banks are exceptionally good at keeping people on the merry-go-round of debt.


They excel at giving people life long debt sentences while they sit back and rake in the money.

We can show how to do it right. We can show you how to own your home much, much sooner. We can protect you from the traps of perpetual debt. We can put you in control and get you into positive financial habits quickly and easily. We can get you paying off your home while building a significant cash buffer…. and you won’t even know it’s happening…

We have a deceptively simple and structured mechanism which works in the background so that you stay on track to achieve your goal of home ownership. You are in control at all times – we are there to keep you on track with annual reviews and work with you through all the changes in your life as they occur.

We will help you achieve these very real outcomes:

  • we will meet with you and spend the time to fully understand your situation

  • we will work out what is realistic and achievable, provide all the information, options and education you need. We’ll answer all your questions and help you create a strategy to achieve your chosen path

  • we will create the structure and set you up with the appropriate plan

  • we will ensure that you always maintain low home loan interest rates

  • we will meet with you at least once per year, monitor your progress, make adjustments as needed and keep you on track

  • we will educate you and work with you to navigate your life changes, even if that involves a whole new strategy

  • you will continuously reduce your home loan debt

  • you will reduce the term of your debt sentence

  • you will build a significant cash buffer


Source: “No place like home – The impact on declining home ownership on retirement” report – March 2017 – Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees