Buying your first home is a BIG deal & exciting!


It may also be a little bit scary.

It’s OK, we’ve got you.


We’ll give you all the information, guidance, support and practical structure you need to not only “buy it” but to really and truly “own it”

When starting out, the first thing that you will typically ask is ‘how much can I afford to borrow?’ – this is true for pretty much all homebuyers. Now, it’s a fair and reasonable question, however the answer is usually in favour of the bank’s bottom line – not necessarily in your best interests.

What does that mean? Well, imagine you go to the bank and ask that question – perhaps you already have. They will ask about your income and expenses amongst other things. They will then plug that information into a calculator and tell you the maximum amount that they will lend to you and the minimum repayment amount.

So, you hear something like “you can borrow lots and lots and your repayments are really, really low” – what you didn’t hear (because they didn’t tell you) is that your payments are really, really low because we are sitting on the lowest interest rates in history and you’ll be paying this off fooooreveeeeer…

The numbers they give you are very powerful, they stick in your mind, they become the benchmark for your property search. They haven’t spent the time to really understand you. They haven’t explored options and strategies with you. They are simply focused on the transaction of selling you a loan – nothing more… and certainly nothing less.

We approach your home ownership from a very different perspective….. yours. We don’t throw arbitrary numbers at you so we can sell you a loan. We don’t simply tell you how much you can afford to borrow based on a set of numbers in a calculator.

We spend the time to understand you; to understand where you’re heading, what you want, what you need and what you are willing to do. Only then will we tell you what you can achieve based on your set of circumstances; based on what you are comfortable to pay, on what your expectations and goals are.

We’ll help you create your strategy. We’ll put the physical structure in place and we’ll stick with you and help you to make it happen.

The My Mortgage Ready program is available to you wherever you are in your journey to home ownership. We have the knowledge, experience and strategies to cater for all stages of your journey.

  • You might be only starting to think about buying your first home and want to know how it all works – we can help

  • You might have started saving and want to know what you can buy and when you can buy it – we can help

  • You might have some savings and are ready to get serious – we can help

  • You might have already spoken with people before and are just looking for a second opinion or even validation – we can help

  • You might be we well into your journey and are looking to put in offers to buy – we can help


With the My Mortgage Ready program, here’s what we do for you:

  • we will meet with you and spend the time to fully understand you, your need, your goals, your aspirations……..

  • we will work out what is achievable, provide all the information, options and education you need. We answer all your questions and help you create a strategy to achieve your chosen path

  • we will create the structure and set you up with the appropriate plan specifically designed to get the bank to say “yes” and put you on the path of home ownership

  • we will work closely with you to keep you on track with your chosen plan

  • we will engage you with our professional partners throughout so you have access to the best people in their respective fields at all times

  • we will work with you to secure your home


…but it doesn’t end there. In fact, after you’ve bought your home, is when it all really begins. The My Mortgage Ready program now seamlessly becomes the My Mortgage Minimiser program. We’ll stay right by your side and help keep you paying off that loan and striving for your ultimate goal – whatever that may be…….